Thursday, January 21, 2010


How to overcome food cravings? This is probably something most of you have either directly asked yourself or struggled with before! There are of course several different reasons. I was listening to a show on NPR last night. The guy on the show was talking about the brain and was asking the simple question, why do we not know more about how our brain works. The same is probably true for knowing about cravings. There are some good articles about cravings out there, here one example:
How to reduce food cravings? by Anne Collins

The consensus is that there are several different reasons, but the biggest reason being a blood sugar imbalance. Easy ways of overcoming that is never letting your blood sugar drop too far, by eating snacks in between meals. These snacks can be a fruit or vegetables. I have also had good success with V8 vegetable Juices or V8 Fusion.
One of the other things I have heard is that cravings get more intense, if we discipline ourselves from not eating the craved foods at all (i.e. candy). A recommendation was: instead of cutting out candy for instance entirely from one day to the other, slowly reduce the amount of candy consumed and therefore having a less difficult time to control the craving, but with a sustainable result.

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