Friday, January 1, 2010

Aspartame and its effects on liver glycogen

Here we go, we sit at breakfast this morning and have a conversation about carb loading. There are two ways to store carbohydrates in your body, the liver (up to 160 g) and muscles (up to 720g). Thoughts that are going through my head are, how to improve the glycogen stored in the liver. I was doing some research on how the liver works and what causes the release of glycogen. Without being to scientific, a hypothesis could be that Aspartame (commonly known under the brand name Nutrasweet) has a negative effect on storing glycogen in the liver. Aspartame has a similar effect as carbohydrates, as far as triggering the liver to manage the blood sugar levels. This process, will negatively affect the stored glycogen, which we need throughout the day or in a race.
Long story short, stay away from Diet Sodas and anything that contains artificial sweeteners.

Happy racing in 2010 :)

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