Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Caffeine is known to increase your metabolism (Caffeine and your metabolism), which in effect means that fewer calories get absorbed (see Calorie Balance post). Caffeine is found in a lot of beverages and foods, coffee/tea is one of the ways of caffeine intake, which generally has few to 0 calories. That of course is only true if you don't add milk or cream, or a lot of sugar. Flavors that you can add to your coffee are high and sugar!! Sodas or soft drinks contain a lot of caffeine as well, but they eitehr contain a lot of sugar or artificial sweeteners (see blog on sweeteners). Of course there are some side effects of caffeine that most of us experience, such as difficulties to sleep etc.
The recommendation for the day is, drink a cup of coffee after you ate lunch. Only add a little bit of cream, or at least consider milk and don't add any sugar.

The link below lists the caffeine content of drinks, you can also find foods on the same website:

Caffeine Content of Drinks (

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