Thursday, January 7, 2010

Calorie Balance

Losing weight is the New Year's resolution for many of us. How does it work? It is actually very simple, if you want to loose weight, you have to create a negative calorie balance. It essentially means that your calorie intake needs to be less than what you are burning.

Imagine a scale, if you are eating more calories than what your body is burning, your body will store access calories in form of body fat. The objective is to have an even (maintain weight), or negative calorie balance.
Ways to achieve a negative calorie balance:
1. Eat less
Reduce the amount of food you are taking in. There are several helpful tool to do so, often referred to as calorie counters. One of the iPhone apps that I have heard positive reviews for is Tap&Track. Some people like the help from organizations like You ultimately need to be comfortable with what you are doing. It may be as simple as following the advice that we are providing on It is often enough to be aware of what you are eating an knowing how many calories the food contains.
2. Burn more calories
Any kind of physical activity will burn calories, even a 15 min walk in your lunch break does. It starts with easy things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator etc. If you enjoy doing sports even better!! Tomorrows blog will talk about the different types of work outs and the related ways of burning calories.

Most importantly, how do you find out, how many calories you should be taking in per day. Here is a helpful site, which lets you calculate your daily calorie needs.

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