Saturday, February 13, 2010

Obesity campaign "Let's move"

Since the US has now officially decided to spend money against childhood obesity, maybe even blogs like this one can get a share of the money. I have previously drawn conclusions based on the size of people i have seen in certain states and their legacy. For instance Wisconsin to me seemed to be one of the states with the highest obesity, part of that was supported by the fact that there are a lot of big people in WI and that they love their cheese. Now that I have looked at the Obesity rate by state (Source WSJ), I have been proven wrong. I am not even sure how to interpret these numbers, it looks like a few southern states are in the highest ranks, which could be explained by the fried foods. 
        Ultimately the problem seems to be spread around the whole country!! 
1. Eating Out:
Don't eat out as much and cook healthy meals at home with only little trans fat.
Pro: You can loose weight by still enjoying the foods you like, by the simple fact that the preparation itself makes it a lot healthier. For kids that will mean that there dinner will include veggies and all the other things that are good for you. Side Note: Have you ever looked at a kids menu? Chicken tenders and fries, or whatever the restaurant calls it. If you can find veggies on a kids menu let me know :).
Cons: We all love to eat out, it is so easy. The US services economy would be in big trouble if only half of the US decided to not eat out anymore.

2. Portion Size:
Reduce the amount of food you eat.
Pro: You can still eat the things you enjoy, but have to cut back on how much you enjoy.
Cons: This means we have to discipline ourselves, which is way to hard. We already have to do that at work and in the rest of our private life. 
Side Note: Even the FDA has recognized the issue. I find this rather humerus portion size (Source: New York Times)

Ok, I have to move now, running 10 miles this morning was just not enough :)

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