Sunday, February 14, 2010

145 lbs SUGAR

I went to the coffee shop this afternoon to get myself a Medium Mocha, no whip. I had just finished a 2.45 h ride and needed to get some calories in my system. I walked over to the milk and sugar stand and there was this not-skinny girl topping of her coffee with sugar. She was holding the sugar dispenser over her cup circling around , must have been at least 7-10 s. To say the least, she is well contributing to the 145 lbs of sugar the average American consumes a year. Now lets makes this a little bit more visible, you can build a figure who is roughly 5'6" inches and normally built with that amount of sugar, by the time July 4th comes around, you have eaten half of the poor thing.
Reality is that there are some of us, who eat probably up to 200 lbs of sugar, since others eat considerably less.
For this upcoming week, look at the sugar you take in.

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