Sunday, July 29, 2012

Transalp Stage 8

Madonna di Campiglio, Italy to Riva del Garda, Italy

Distance: 75.10 km and 1778 m of climbing.

Amazing experience, we will see you again Transalp!!

Route information

This was the last stage. It was amazing how quickly the past 7 days had gone by. This stage started with another 1000m of climbing in front of us. At the beginning there was a traffic jam at the bottom of the hill and cool temps. Rain joined us on the mountain at 1850m above sea level. The down hill was very cold and I had made the mistake to not bring along long gloves. The result was that I lost ten minutes on Andi on a 1100m downhill.
The rest stops saved me that day by serving hot broth. Things got better from the 50 kilometer point on. There was one more little climb that turned out to be rather strenuous, due to the wet conditions. When we crossed the peak we could already see Lago di Garda. The last downhill trail seemed like it would have been a fun trail in dry conditions. Since it was so wet we went with the safe option and pushed our bikes on some of the slippery rock sections. 
We are official finishers!! 
Last finish line

Finisher Medals

Finisher Jerseys

Post race hydration

Post post race hydration!

view of Lago di Garda

The amazing motorcycle rescue crew, they rode
all the trails with us. Thank you!

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