Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What can tea do for you?

There are probably many good reasons why one should drink tea, I will focus on it's possible alkaline effects. 
Since I have been having issues with heartburn, partially caused by drinking too much coffee, I was started looking into the actual reasons. As it turns out, typical western diets are rather acidic and can be mended by adding some rather alkaline goodies to the daily table. 
           I have switched from drinking a cup of coffee in the AM  to a cup of tea. The variety of alkaline teas (herbal) is rather large, but some of them are harder to get to then others. Rooibos tea is one of the ones that is easy to get to. I personally prefer the natural flavor, but it comes with Vanilla flavoring for instance. I have noticed a huge a difference and have been able to stop taking heartburn medicine.Other alternatives are teas with berry or orange leaves, ginger, apple peel, fennel etc. One of my favorites there is orange leaf-ginger tea!
           One of the most important aspects of the alkaline-basic balance in our body is that acids can only be washed out with bases. The acid (H+) needs to be bound by the bases (OH-). Water and herbal teas will help cleansing your body!

The Love to eat right lifestyle!

Enjoy your tea!


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