Friday, June 29, 2012

Parchment Paper

I always used to think that just fancy cooks and Martha Stewart used parchment paper. I was ok with just using my cooking spray and foil. Now that we live in Germany, where cooking sprays are unavailable, I have started using parchment paper a lot. I wish I had started using it awhile ago!

Here are some of the things I love about parchment paper:
- You don't need to add any extra fat to keep things from sticking. Sometimes for baking though you do need to add some flour.
- Clean up is super easy and I don't have to clean the pan at all. I can reuse the paper or throw it away.
- I feel like food and baked goods release easier from the parchment paper than they ever did when I used cooking spray on a baking sheet, roasting pan, or foil.
- Parchment paper doesn't get any little holes in it like foil can, so no surprise leaks onto the pan or bottom of the oven.
- I don't have to worry about spraying chemicals into the air and my food like I did with cooking spray.

Here is what I normally use my parchment paper for:
- Roasting vegetables. This is probably what I use it for the most.
- Using it to like spring form pans.
- Using it for baking breads and cookies.

You can also use to it make packets in which to cook fish, veggies, and meat. I haven't tried this yet, but I will be soon.

You can buy parchment paper in a roll (like foil), pre-cut sheets, reusable sheets, and as cupcake liners. You can also cut it to size for lining baking sheets, cake pans, and spring form pans.

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