Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The differences

The question will sooner or later arise, what is the difference between the US and Germany after coming back of almost 8 years in the US of A?
There are of course many differences and things I have noticed. I will start with nutrition and follow up with more cultural differences from there.
We have eaten out dinner a total of 3 or 4 times in 33 days. It was certainly possible that we ate out that many times in one week in the US. Germans don't eat out as many times, the question is does it make there lifestyle healthier? I cannot broadly answer that question yet, I will at least give it a try in a later blog. What I can answer is that grocery prices are a lot lower that includes, bread, meat but especially vegetables and fruit. A triple pack of bell peppers is for instance only 99 cents, I think one is lucky if you get one green bell pepper for that little in the US. Oranges and other citrus fruits are cheaper too, who would have guessed that, oranges don't grow in Germany, but they do in the US. Oh I almost forgot dairy products are cheaper too, yes you can by a nice piece of cheese, even specialty cheese without going bankrupt. I have been enjoying "Der gro├če Bauer", a yogurt that has been around forever. 
They continuously add new flavors. My new favorites are the kinds with cereal and fruit combined.  I have to admit I do miss my favorite greek yogurt at times, well we could get it here, but everything Greek is very expensive in Germany. Not sure if that has to do with the bailout. And then there is of course candy, but I am not an expert ;). I see there are a lot more kinds of gummy bears at our house. Since I mostly stick to the high gravity dark chocolate, the price difference isn't actually that big, since Lindt is sort of expensive here compared to everything else. There are just not that many companies that offer 85% + Cacao dark chocolate. I have enjoyed some of the cookies, including one of my favorites the " Prinzen Rolle".

Beverages will deserve their own blog :).

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  1. We only eat dinner out once a week. It is always cheaper to make dinner than to eat out, even with our apparently higher food costs! Wolfgang & I were noticing recently that we are the only couple we know that does active stuff together (ie walking, or biking, etc). That definitely is more typical of the German culture which I'm sure helps with overall healthier lifestyle.