Monday, March 28, 2011

get that cheese

Since winter is hopefully on its last leg and I am trying to get into race shape for the first tri of the year, might as well be swim suit shape :), I will be cutting cheese out of my diet for a few weeks. As many of you know, cheese is one of those things that I usually recommend to reduce if one is trying to shed off a few pounds. The reasons are very simple, cheese contains a lot of fat, which as we all know is high in calories and is complex for the body to digest.

Here is a funny video of some Brits trying to get the cheese

The history of the event can be found here:'s_Hill_Cheese-Rolling_and_Wake

So here we go! No cheese for me for a few weeks. Try it, it really works :). I will have to admit that the first pizza without cheese is certainly something to get used to, but on the other hand I never had this full feeling afterward!


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  2. People actually voluntarily do this, wow! Some of them looked like it really hurt when they fell, good thing medical attention was standing by. But the video was great entertainment.