Friday, October 8, 2010

Today's breakfast from the Outer Banks, NC Recipe: Chicken sausage, grits and more

Today's breakfast is brought to you with lots of sunshine from the Outer Banks. This almost seems to have become my annual trip to the beach. Last year I was here with friends from Germany, this year it's just two of us. I get to cook some food, mostly breakfast. I hope you read the previous blog and found out about what one should eat for breakfast. Following that recommendation, we have been preparing solid, hearty and delicious breakfasts. Today's was a little different!!!

2 1/2 hot chicken sausages (cooked beforehand)
1/4 cup of grits (original not instant) (prepared with milk)
1/2 an onion
a hand full of grape tomatoes
3 eggs
sharp cheddar cheese (2% if you want lighter fare)
sea salt/black pepper

1.  prepare grits (takes 10-15 min)
2.  cook the sausages and cut in thin slices
in a good size frying pan:
3. chop up the onion and fy gently with some olive oil
4. add sausages and continue to fry until they get s a nice gentle brown surface
5. add grits and spread out evenly, mix in the onions and sausage
6. add grape tomatoes (cut in halfs), this will let the juices join your wonderful meal
7. add the three eggs, you can put them in a bowl and stir them up, or simply add them to the pan and mix everything up
8. add salt and pepper, you could also add some hot sauce to the dish, but I prefer to add that on my plate since not everybody likes hot sauce
9. mix and let the eggs cook at medium heat
10. add a layer of sharp cheddar cheese, let melt and then stir into the rest of the meal
11. depending on your liking, let the meal brown some in the pan, which gives the ingredients some more time to combine and develop their flavors together

Enjoy your meal!!

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