Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Home Workout Review!

Since I am "retired" from triathlons, my athletic ambitions consist of going to the gym and working out at home. I have only had a gym membership for the last few months so I have utilized a lot of home workouts up to that point.

FREE Nike Training Club app for the iphone
    This app is for men and women, even though there are only girls demonstrating the exercises. Here are some reasons why I love it so much:
- It has a ton of different routines that you can do for various athletic abilities, so you will never get bored. Routines last from 15 mins to 45 mins.
- It's quick and easy to get started with: choose a routine, review the exercises, gather equipment if any, and hit the start button.
- The points system and the workout rewards, i.e. a sports celebrity workout, keeps you motivated to keep going and maybe add on a 15 min ab workout to reach the next level!
- There is a short video clip with verbal instructions for every exercise, so you can review before you start or during your workout if you forgot how to do something.

    This guy, Scooby, has a ton of videos on Youtube and a lot of information on his website. I love his youtube videos since they show correct weightlifting technique and how to do a lot of stuff at home. He has training plans for men and women of all levels on his website. His approach to exercising and nutrition is that less is more. He doesn't advocate the use of supplements or pricy workout gear.

    I use this app to track all of my workouts. They have a large exercise database and also have a quest library. Like the Nike Training Club app, you can earn points by completing workouts and quests. You can join groups and compete in their challenges. A lot of the quests are things that you can do at home like burpees, planks, pull-ups, and body weight routines. You can also earn points for walking, hiking, and shoveling snow. This app is also free!

I used this program a lot once we first moved here but then kind of drifted away from it since the NTC workouts were better for me. It is still a great program and since the workout only last 15-20 minutes its even better for people who are short on time. They have greatly improved their website and info recently but the one thing that kind of turned me off from their workouts is that they use a lot of equipment in their workouts and it's not stuff that most people would have around the house. So if you choose not to purchase the equipment they use (which is how they make money) then you will have to modify the exercise but typically they show modifications for each exercise. They also show modifications for beginners.


  1. Thanks for the post, I haven't heard of Fitocrasy before but the app sounds neat. I've use the calorie app counter and I like that but it would be nice it would be nice to have an app for work outs!

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